Save Money Intall New Screen Doors and Window Screens

Another beautiful day in sunny Southern California. Are you going to turn on you air conditioner all day long and spend hundreds of dollars a month again? Or are you going to open your windows and doors ?  Are you going to do something about your window screens and door screens? Are you missing screens on some or all of your windows? How about you glass sliding door, French doors or front entry door are they missing sliding screen doors, retractable screen doors, swinging screen doors or wood screen doors?

Tired of giving away your money to Los Angeles Department of  Water and Power? (LADWP)

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For concerned homeowners who want to cut their cooling bill

Here are some tips to help you

Looking to Reduce the Electric Bill

My electric bill is one that I really struggle with. Reviewing our bills over the past year, even in the cooler months when we use gas heat, our electric bill runs about $95. Our home is 1800 sq. ft. I’ve recently had my drier fixed, so hopefully we’ll see some relief from that, but it vents out through the roof so it still runs longer than it would if it had a shorter venting. Besides caulking around our windows, do you have any suggestions on cost savings?

Savings on Electricity

7 ways to save $$ money

Here are a list of things that we have found use up a lot of electricity if they are not operating efficiently:

Refrigerator/Freezers – If they are old, they may be inefficient and run constantly.

Electric range (if applicable) – Again if it’s old, it may not be as efficient as it could be. Also if you bake/cook a lot, it may raise your bill. Gas is more efficient for cooking that electric (IMHO). I think electric ranges/ovens waste a lot of energy in pre-heating.

Window/Door Screens – Install screens that are missing on your windows and doors on glass sliding doors, entry doors and windows to allow for increased ventilation, temperature control and insect protection.  

Lights – Consider replacing non-essential lighting with fluorescent units. We have yard light that gives us as much light as two 60 watt bulbs and uses only about 35 watts.

Dryer – Make sure it is clean and free of lint. Consider the use of an off-peak meter. The power is cheaper, but you have to use during times when overall electrical demand is lower (late evening etc.). Check with your local power company for more information.

Hot water (if applicable) – If you have electric hot water, that could account for a large part of your bill. If possible, switch to gas. If that is not feasible, reduce the temperature of the tank to 130-140 and insulate it with a jacket. The best value for hot water is what is called ‘on demand hot water’. It is also known as tankless hot water. It heats the water as you use it. You have a continuous stream of hot water and don’t have to heat it while you store it. The initial cost can be prohibitive, but if you have a lot of family members or use large amounts of hot water, you realize savings pretty quickly.

Air Conditioning – If it is an older model, it may not be as efficient as it could be. Also, ACs that operate on 220 volts versus 120 volts generally use less power.

Overall, check with your local power company. Some offer programs where they will help you find areas in your house that are using excess power. Some will even help you make changes to become more efficient.

 For more information contact the Department of Water and Power (DWP)

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