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Screen Door Repair

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Screen Door Repair

Getting new screen doors can be easy if you call Complete Screens. I have been installing screens in the San Fernando Valley since 1998. Now is a goo time to install all new screen doors with quality screens and quality frames and hardware.


Encino Screen Doors

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Encino Screen Doors

” I am so very pleased with your company Henry, I recommend Complete Screens very Highly. This is the 3rd sliding screen door I bought at Home Depot, this off-the-rack roll form door keeps falling apart on me. They are very week and flimsy. I am so happy I called you and just had your company Complete Screens install the heavy duty extruded aluminum sliding screen door. It is a really tough door and slides perfectly all the time. Thank you” Louis A, Encino, CA.

Screen Doors & Retractable Screen Doors will fit any door or window.

Our doors can be custom-fit to any single, double entry French Doors, or sliding patio doors.  We also specialize in retractable window screens for a clear view to the outside.

Do you have a window out to your patio that you would like to pass food through?  We can install a retractable pass-through window screen.  Retractable screens are made out of heavy duty extruded aluminum and are powder coated which will give them a better appearance while providing a long-lasting easy to clean surface. Only Silicone lubrication required as screen simply glides within a small out of the way track.  No wheels or rollers to replace or fix.

I am fully stocked so I am able to build your door same day at your home.  Retractable screens are designed for years of trouble-free use.

The basic standard width sizes they come in are:

  • 36″
  • 48″
  • 60″


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Aluminum Screen Door

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Aluminum Screen Door in Chatsworth

Chatsworth Aluminum Screen Door
Chatsworth Retractable Screen Doors
Chatsworth Sliding Screen Doors
Chatsworth Screen Door Repair
Chatsworth Window Screens

If you want to change your roll formed screen door for an extruded aluminum screen door call me and I will go to your home and show you samples of different type of quality extruded aluminum sliding screen doors or extruded aluminum swinging screen doors

A customer recently called me because he was having trouble with his a few of his existing sliding screen patio doors. He said the black plastic handles was broken and the wheels where shot and not sliding properly. He asked if I had a screen door that was of better quality. We agreed to meet at his house so I could show him a sample of the extruded aluminum screen door with all metal parts, metal heavy duty ball-bearing wheels and heavy duty metal handle which I custom make on site to your door opening and back it with a lifetime guarantee. 

This is what he had to say about the screen doors after the installation.

“Thank you Henry for a very good quality screen doors you installed. I can tell these doors are going to last a long time. I feel the quality and durability every time I open or close them” Ron B. 11314 Old Ranch Circle Chatsworth, CA. 91311

Are you searching for Screen Doors in Chatsworth area, or other near by areas?  Call us!