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Retractable Doors Calabasas

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StowAway Retractable Screen Doors

StowAway Retractable Screen Doors generated over a hundred million dollars in sales nationwide last year. Despite this obvious success, the market for retractable screens has been stifled by a common defect, specifically the speed at which these systems retract (actually accelerate) into their housings. Until a couple years ago, this has put a major damper on retractable screen systems to families with children and home builders who are concerned about contingent liability.

The StowAway Retractable Screen System addresses this safety issue head on and not only solves it but completely takes the quality of retractable screen doors to the next level. The StowAway Retractable Screen, built right here in the U.S.A., is the only retractable screen manufactured with the safety of the customer in mind. The entire system is built around the slow close speed reduction component, while at the same time far surpassing the innovation, style and quality of all other manufactured retractable door screens on the market from Italy, China or Canada.

The benefit of the StowAway system is that your door can be built with a fast close retraction, gear close retraction or a hydraulic speed reducer which is the most common choice. The StowAway Retractable Screen can be installed on any in-swing or out-swing doors such as: French doors, Single doors, Dutch doors, Sliders and Windows.

Screen Doors

An instant screen door is just what the name implies — a screen door, or screen panel, that attaches quickly and easily to a door frame without the need of tools or major adjustments.

Solution for Renters

  • Many apartment building owners won’t allow their tenants to make any modifications to their buildings, and this includes installing conventional screen doors. Instant screen doors don’t change the basic structure of a door frame, and they can be easily moved to other doorways of the same size.

Available Sizes

  • Instant screen doors are available in a wide range of sizes from 30 inches wide by 80 inches high to 36 inches wide by 96 inches high for single and sliding-glass doors, and from 60 inches wide by 80 inches high to 72 inches wide by 80 inches high for French doors.


  • The instant screen door hangs from a tension rod that is attached to the top of the door frame. The screen door is held in place on the sides by loop-and-hook tape fasteners, and it has a double sleeve at the top to allow for height variances in door openings. It’s made of pliable fiberglass mesh that closes automatically once you’ve walked through it, and is kept closed by magnets in the center and on the bottom of the screen.



West Hills Screen Repairs

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  • West Hills Screen Repairs
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If you are looking for a mobile screen service & repair that services the West Hills and it’s surrounding area call me at Complete Screens. I will come to your home and give you a professional estimate Free of charge!!





Sliding Screen Door Repair

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Sliding Screen Door

Screen Doors

New Screen Doors


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  • Thousand Oaks Rescreen Doors

When your window screens are old, brittle, torn or ripped. It’s time to install new ones. I can service your screens at your home. Either get new window screens or have yours re-screened. Here is a customer in Thousand Oaks I installed new screen doors and new window screens and what she had to say

“When I noticed how old looking my window screens and sliding screen doors were I new it was time to get someone to come to my house and get them replaced or fixed. I am glad you came out Henry you did a wonderful job thank you I am very pleased with your prices and service and your company Complete Screens is easy to find on the Internet” Mary G. Thousand Oaks, CA. 91358

Call us! if you live in Thousand Oaks. 91358,91360, and we will come out and give you a free estimate!

We do all the screen door and window screen installations on-site!